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Technical talk

Enabling Mobile Robots in Challenging Environments for Industry 4.0

Dr Abhra Roy Chowdhury
Assistant Professor, CPDM, IISc

Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall
ECE Dept., IISc
06/03/2020, 11AM (Coffee/tea: 10.45AM)

IEEE IISc Student branch
ComSoc (Communications Society)
welcomes you all for a technical talk by
Dr. Abhra Roy Chowdhary

Abstract: A strategic opportunity exists to develop Intelligence, Mapping and Repair (IMR) platforms for Industry 4.0at greatly reduced scales and with unique mission capabilities. This research aims to develop autonomous mobilerobots (AMR) that mimic human and collective behavior for inspection & maintenance tasks in industrialenvironments, commencing with terrestrial vehicles for indoor settings, marine vehicles for outdoors and moving intotransformable aerial vehicles for indoor-outdoor settings as longer-term goals. Based on the foundations of systems-of-systems design approaches, novel integrated motion planning for bioinspired mechanisms, reconfiguration elementsi.e. sensors, actuators and flexible electronics are systematically developed and demonstrated in unique test-bedenvironments. In addition to tackling key technological challenges, this project seeks to contribute to the designscience of autonomous systems by developing and testing design principles inspired by nature. Autonomous design inthis context will provide systematic processes for integrating and leveraging current and breakthrough of technologies.

About the speaker

Dr Abhra Roy Chowdhury isserving as Assistant Professor at the Centre for ProductDesign and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science,Bengaluru. Previously, he was holding a postdocresearch fellow position with the Temasek Labs at theSingapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)in collaboration with MIT during 2016 - 2019. He wasalso a senior member of the robotics research team at theRobotics Innovation Lab Singapore. He earned his in Robotics from the Department of Electricaland Computer Engineering, National University ofSingapore in 2015. He has received his M. Tech degree (Gold Medal) from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) BHU Varanasi,India in 2010. He was associated with LG Electronics India as a Senior Engineer between 2010-2011. He holds variousaccolades and awards including Singapore Mark Design Award, IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Best PhDThesis Award, IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) Award, IEEE-SICE (Japan) Research Award, IEEE-ICROS(S. Korea) Best Student Research Award, LG Gold Medal and Scholarship. More information about his research canbe found

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